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The Unparalled Camps at Londolozi

Is an African Photo Safari on your bucket list? If you could travel from compound to compound in Kruger National Park and stay in only the most beautifully appointed camps, Londolozi is for you.

Londolozi’s history is entwined with the history of the Varty and Taylor families,” the conservation dynasties that have dedicated their lives to saving a small part of Africa’s Eden”. These great-grandfathers of the Varty and Taylor families established camps on the banks of the river in the twenties.
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For two generations, the family hosted presidents and princesses who came for the hunt. This era ended in 1969 when John, Dave and Shan Varty “assumed the stewardship of the property”. “Sharing the dream of a different kind of relationship with the land, they created a blueprint for a new vision of conservation and restoration in Southern Africa”.and made it a place where people would come to look at, not to hunt, wildlife. The property was renamed Londolozi,, which in Zulu means “protector of all living things”
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Each of the five incredible Londolozi camps offers” luxury accommodations, stunning views, and exceptional cuisine. All camps offer the same access to 34,000 acres of the best Big Five game viewing in Africa, led by some of the continent’s finest rangers and trackers”. The camps vary in price according to the quality of the accommodation, though all belong to the elite Relais & Châteaux hotel group.
First stop Pioneer Camp

After a long day of sight seeing how about dining alfresco here?  Can you imagine anything more romantic

Tree Camp, “Nestled in the leadwood tree canopy, this lodge is a sanctuary of elegance and simplicity”

Can you imagine breakfast or dinner with this view?

Could the rooms be any more luxurious?

The family friendly Founders Camp honors those who were responsible for the camps beginnings

Varty Camp (named after the owners and founders)

If you win the lottery and would like to travel with five of your nearest and dearest friends the ultra exclusive Granite Suites are for you. ‘'The lodge is flanked by an extrusion of granite rocks, an effect echoed by the décor’s bold materials and silver, charcoal and elephant grey palette. The suites convey Africa’s raw essence with a contemporary and elegant flavor”

I tried to find out who was responsible for the decorating of the camps but was unsuccessful.  I would love to hear if any of you know.  Have any of you been to one of the Londolozi Camps?  If so, please share!
All photos courtesy of  If you would like to find out more about these wonderful camps go here


  1. It's gorgeous. I have a book called "Safari Style," with great photos of interiors of various safari camps. After living for two years in Kenya, I went on quite a few safaris (the word is Swahili for trip or travel) and they were without exception beautifully decorated. I really like that style.

    1. I am going to check that book out! It sounds like one I would love!

  2. Hi Cindy The decorator is Yvonne O'Brien. You would love her work. Some more info of interest

    1. Thank you so much Sharon I was hoping you would pipe in! I obviously did not dig deept enough. I checked out her portfolio...loved it!!

  3. I've always wanted to do a trip like this, however I'd have to offer my payment for such a trip with work in the kitchen to pay! Haha. I have some good friends that just returned from a trip like this. I can't wait to find out if this is where they stayed.

    1. Ha! I would have to be the kitchen helper as can dream, right?!!

  4. I can find out!
    Have been to one similar to these in SOUTH AFRICA as a guest.............

  5. It looks like you designed it! So similar to your style.

  6. I'm there. I'm so there. the camps look too luxe for my peasant self, cindy, though that is MY kind of camping. my son and I were at a botanical garden today getting cozy with some amazing African foliage and tropical trees...yum. xox

  7. I love the whole design and vibe here. This is just my style. Such beautiful interiors, I'm drooling!

  8. Oh my, who needs animals? I'd just love to study all of the design details of those amazing rooms, I love all of the African touches mixed with clean architecture. Also, I adore all of the thatched roofs. This is indoor~outdoor living at its finest! Thank you for sharing!

  9. SWOON! Now that I've made the move from school psychologist to travel consultant I'm especially interested in the best of luxury travel for my clients. This is absolutely fabulous, Cindy. I will definitely be bookmarking this reference. The combination of amazing design and exotic destination is always a winner. Great post!
    xx, Heather


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